Message from the President

As president of the NW Chapter of ASI, you as either a member or officer of our organization, are always in my prayers that you know the peace of God in your life and have assurance in the plan He continues to unfold for each of us daily, in our businesses, ministries and other callings. Think with me for a moment about a phrase Jesus used often, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. What does that mean to you? To me, it means we can either be heaven or hell to those with whom we work with, day in and day out. Be a blessing to those you come in contact with. Make their lives a little brighter, as we live out God’s amazing grace in our lives. It’s super transformational, and it brings Heaven in to the present, here and now, now! As we look forward to a returned Savior, while we patiently wait, be a little bit of Heaven to someone now. Because in service to others, we find Heaven happily working through us, as we seek to bring Heaven to them in the present time. Blessings as you serve others!

Fred Cornforth, President, ASI NW