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Northwest ASI Spring Convention

APRIL 19-22, 2018

Edward D. Hansen Conference Center
2000 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA 98201

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Courtyard Marriott

3003 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Start date: April 17, 2018
End date: April 22, 2018
Last day to book: March 29, 2018
Phone: 425-259-2200
Rate: $114.00

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Message from the President

“Roll up your sleeves, let’s go to work”, my great grandfather would say on the farm. Picking rocks out of the fields was a necessary part of farming/ranching in Southeast Idaho in preparing the ground for planting and harvest. There are monuments to the work from the family still standing tall near the land that was once covered in rock.

In the past, our conventions have had a dimension of receiving—receiving excellent information about ministry in our communities, businesses, hospitals, and anywhere our people have been found reaching out to others. This year we are changing things up in a way I think you’ll like. We will begin on Thursday evening with Orientation for the AMEN Everett Free Clinic at 7pm (check-in 6:30pm) to be staffed by our ASI members on Friday and Sunday followed by our ASI Devotional at 8:30pm with our weekend speaker, Dick Duerksen at the Angel of the Winds Convention Center/Arena. This town of over 100,000 is a special place to me, as my parents had lived there for over 20 years, and it’s a community with many needs—needs we can help fill with our time. Whether you’re a healthcare worker, dental or vision professional, or a general volunteer, please plan on joining us to help serve the expected 800-1,000 patients.  This is a great opportunity to relieve pain and restore quality of life! What a blessing it will be to serve them AND work side by side with you!

Friday evening we’ll be blessed with a full program of singing, and testimonies as we bring in the Sabbath in grand fashion in the Puget Sound. Elder Duerksen will again lead us on an adventure, which he’ll conclude Saturday evening. Sabbath morning we’ll be treated to Sabbath School by Dr. John McVay, then church with Elder Doug Bing, a longtime friend and president of the Washington Conference. Beautiful music will be provided throughout our time and you’ll be treated to testimonies from several of our members in action, Todd Guthrie of the AMEN board, and Karen Nicola from Comfort for the Day.

Roll up your sleeves with me, let’s go to work for the Lord in Everett, Washington!

Fred Cornforth, President, ASI NW